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How does Fundr™ raise money for a cause?

Every time a supporter uses the Fundr™ app to validate a fundraiser transaction with you, that transaction—and the giveback amount you have set—is tracked. Accrued givebacks are automatically transferred from your credit card to the cause’s bank account every month. We track, collect and disburse…you relax.

What’s a “Giveback”?

A “giveback” is either a flat dollar amount or a percentage of purchase price that you have chosen to give back to the cause(s) of your choice. Every qualifying transaction referred to you via Fundr™ triggers a giveback.

How does Fundr™ track transactions?

When a customer makes a qualifying transaction, he or she will scan your Fundr™ QR code, which validates the transaction and adds another giveback to your partnered cause.

How do I know the transaction amount is correct?

A flat-dollar giveback, which is a fixed amount, is only accrued once the transaction is triggered by your Fundr-generated encrypted QR code. On percentage givebacks, which require customers to key in their purchase amount, the system pauses to allow a member of your staff to verify the purchase amount before your QR is scanned for validation.

Is that the only safeguard?

No. You can always review all of your transactions and giveback amounts on your Fundr™ dashboard.

Is my credit card charged every time there’s a transaction?

No. Givebacks are accrued, calculated by Fundr™ and withdrawn in total by the 15th of each month for the previous month’s transactions.

What software do I need to make the system work?

None. The administration dashboard is entirely web-based.

What do I need to get started?

It is as easy as setting up your facebook® or twitter® account. Once you login to with your username and password, simply follow the set-up steps to complete your profile.

How do I connect with a cause?

It is as easy as other social media platforms. You can send Connection Requests from your Fundr™ dashboard.

How much does it cost to use Q>str?

Fundr™ is free to join and use.

Aren’t there fees?

Yes, there are, but we only get paid when a supporter makes a qualifying fundraiser transaction at your business. We are a revenue share based service for the causes, so there are no up front costs or subscription fees. We only collect our small administration fee when your partnered causes raise funds…which only happens when a supporter’s transaction is validated.

How much of the gross do you take?

Our current rate can be found at our website: These fees are deducted from the givebacks that go to the cause, not from your revenue. This covers our software development, transaction fees, platform security and maintenance costs.

How much does the app cost?

It is a free download. Print out your business’ QR code from your dashboard to make it easy for supporters to download the Fundr™ app to their phones.

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