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How It Works

The Fundr Network connects organizations, local businesses and supporters to create a Stronger Community together

The community promotes and sends their networks to local business and the businesses Giveback to the community

There are more than 224 million smartphones in use in the U.S.

Put them to work for your Community with Fundr


The Fundr Network builds a Stronger Community

  • It’s MOBILE - Supporters don’t go anywhere without their phones. Put that to work for your cause.
  • It’s ONGOING - An appeal’s enthusiastic supporters and local businesses are connected 24/7. Keeps working when you’re not.
  • It’s SIMPLE - Let technology make supporting our community easier.
  • It’s SHAREABLE - Make it easy for you and your supporters to raise awareness.
  • It’s FREE - Free to join and use.

Our Focus

Discover more in detail how The Fundr Network works for your needs

88% of Americans would buy a product with a social or environmental benefit if given the opportunity.
2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study


Videos and information on how Fundr is used

Infographic: Consumers Support “Good” for Brands

A recent study shows the advantages to businesses of charity work.

FAQ for Businesses

Answers to common questions regarding being a Business on Fundr.

FAQ for Organizations

Answers to common questions regarding being a Organizations on Fundr.

The more a business shows compassion for helping the world at large (and expresses this sincerely), the more customers will trust the business. And the more they trust the business, the more likely they’ll buy, time and again.
Megan J. Tyson co-founder, Brighter World Cause Marketing

Contact us

Meet your supporters where they are—on their phones
Fundr is free to join and use—get started today!

Investment Opportunities Contact: doug@thefundr.com
For Organization and Business inquiries Contact: help@thefundr.com

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